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CRM Software



Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a full customer relationship management suite with marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities that is:

  • Flexible, with options for deployment, purchase, and access.
  • Familiar and easy to use because it works like other Microsoft products such as Outlook.
  • Designed to fit your business through extensive customization and partner offerings.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Features:

Sales Management

Among the rapid returns that flow from an investment in Microsoft CRM is an increase in the number of qualified sales leads and opportunities, better coordination of sales activities (leading to a more focused sales effort), and a sales force more aware of customer needs and histories.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Module includes:

  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales process management
  • Pipeline optimization
  • Quotes
  • Order management
  • Sales force management
  • Sales literature
  • Direct Email

Customer Service

Microsoft CRM 4.0 promotes more efficient and effective customer interactions by enabling users to respond more quickly to service issues, apply appropriate resources to service requests, and schedule and dispatch service resources in a timely fashion.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Service Module includes:

  • Case Management
  • Complete 360 degree view of customer information
  • Automated routing and queuing
  • Auto-response
  • Email
  • Email management
  • Service scheduling
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Service contracts

Marketing Management

Translating a wealth of available customer data into effective selling strategies is one of the great challenges in marketing. By creating a single view of every customer and storing it in a single, readily accessible location, Microsoft CRM 4.0 enables users to better understand what customers are telling them. This knowledge can then be used to focus the marketing effort and execute smarter campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Module includes:

  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing list management
  • List segmentation
  • Campaign execution
  • Marketing reporting (track marketing information from response through the sales cycle)

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management it easier to convert leads to opportunities, and then track them throughout the sales cycle

 Sales process management

Enables the consistent tracking and closing of sales opportunities.

 Pipeline optimization

Analytical tools to provide sales people with qualified leads and opportunities.


Quotes are generated using a full-featured product catalog that supports complex pricing levels, units of measure, and discounts.

 Order management

Converts quotes to orders that can be modified and saved until they are ready to be billed as invoices.

 Sales force management

Makes it possible to measure sales performance against quotas.

 Sales literature

Create, manage, and distribute literature that supports the sales process.

Direct e-mail

Use templates to send customized e-mail messages to customers sharing common characteristics.

Marketing Campaigns

Campaign planning based on budgets and expenses, promotion codes, target products, marketing collateral, and more.

Lists Management

Create marketing lists of segments of your database for specific campaigns by using existing customer information or by importing contact information from various sources.

Campaign Activities and Response Management

Manage the entire campaign process through separate activities and the responses generated by each.

Marketing Analytics

Campaign execution can be tracked, and lead conversion and cost and performance data can be analyzed in this way. Track marketing information to assess campaign success based on opportunities, cost versus payoff, and other criteria.


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